Talent(s) in a changing world – in search of a holistic experience

With HR Transformation being on everybody’s current agenda, what do you see as the biggest challenges but also trends in HR and Talent Development?

Times are changing. There are a variety of drivers coming together to create change in the talent landscape as well as requiring to redesign organisations:

  1. Transformational changes (e.g. move to knowledge based & service economies, evolving from ‘transaction to interaction’)
  2. Pace of change (e.g. digital technology changing the workplace and disrupting business models)
  3. Globalisation & Mobility (e.g. global labor competition and global workforce)
  4. Demographic trends & Diversity (e.g. increasing longevity, declining birthrates, workforce both younger and older, different working models such as contract and part-time workers, new social contracts)

In general, a more VUCA world will require organisations to change their organizational set up, ways of working as well as their company culture:

The “new organization,” as we call it, is built around highly empowered teams, driven by a new model of management, and led by a breed of younger, more globally diverse leaders.
(Deloitte Studie Global Human Capital Trends 2016)

Companies will (need to) move towards new, more agile ways of working and co-creation, fostering an agile learning mindset and a new (generation of) leadership based on empowerment and trust.
Correspondingly, we will see shifts happening:

  • Changing career expectations (e.g. Gen Y with a different understanding of life, its purpose and individual development)
  • Changing career paths (due to flatter organizations and new ways of working)
  • Changing work conditions (e.g. flex working models, temp contracts)
  • Changing labor market (e.g. global and more mobile, digital labor platforms)

As a result, Talent Management will shift from managing talent to developing people and culture, meaning taking on a broader, “democratic” talent definition and understanding (from “war for <top> talents” towards “game for talents”). Furthermore, HR will have to look into a more holistic experience and “total offer”, including cultural elements far beyond purely tangible hard facts, in order to attract and retain talents:

The mission of the HR leader is evolving from that of “chief talent manager” to “chief employee experience officer.”
(Deloitte Studie Global Human Capital Trends 2016)


Fragen sinngemäß anläßlich der Panel Diskussion auf der Global Female Leaders in Berlin, April 2016.

Quelle (Foto): Global Female Leaders 2016, Management Circle

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