Rewiring of the (digital) workforce

Die Auswirkungen der “digital disruption” auf die Belegschaft könnte sich laut Accenture Studie “Digital Disruption: Embrace the future of work and your people will embrache it with you” zur Achillesferse der digitalen Transformation entwickeln.


Was kann getan werden, um sich möglichst gut oder zumindest so gut wie möglich auf die “digital workforce” vorzubereiten:

Right mind-set, wrong focus?
Organizations need to come off the sidelines and adopt a “test and learn” mentality. By selecting an area that is differentiating for the business, executives can start experimenting…

Right strategy, wrong skills?
They must re-evaluate the types of skills they are likely to need—and be ready to reskill and retool their existing workforce. Digital offers new opportunities in terms of ubiquitous training and different ways of learning, such as massive open online courses.

Right priorities, wrong journey?
The digital journey is a significant change for all organizations. … we have identified strong leadership as a critical success factor in driving transformation. …Organizations need to focus on building the leadership skills to breed a culture of feedback and innovation at all levels, pushing out decision-making to the edges of the organization.

In der Zusammenfassung braucht es laut Accenture ein “rewiring of the workforce” mit einer digital ausgerichteten Strategie, einer digitalen Vorbildfunktion der Führungskräfte sowie der Berücksichtigung digitaler Bedürfnisse der Belegschaft:

The digital journey is seen to offer tangible benefits by business leaders—and is being even more positively embraced by their employees. From new roles, different ways of organizing work, and changing work practices there are signifcant opportunities to humanize work—as long as business leaders reinvent their strategies, become digital role models and address the needs of the workforce of the future.


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