HR discovery journey – the “employee consumers” 

The blog A holistic experience – employee journey by design elaborates on the relevance of employee journeys and employee experience, even as one of the 10 HR Trends For 2017:

…next journey for HR leaders will be to apply a consumer and a digital lens to the HR function creating an employee experience that mirrors their best customer experience….

Equally, in a recent article Platforms, and the future of HR: 3 principles to consider it is re-emphasized:

Workers have become “employee consumers” …To effectively attract and retain employees, HR needs to adapt to their consumerist tendencies.

The three key design principles for HR to consumerize a workplace are – as it continues to read in same article Platforms, and the future of HR: 3 principles:

  1. Design thinking > strive to hide complexity behind simplicity and ease.
  2. Customer Personas > deepens your understanding of the workforce and leads to individualized HR offerings.
  3. Journey Maps > shows what moments matter so that HR can design and deliver programs that produce a quality experience at each stage.

In the article Why Your HR Department Should Embrace Design Thinking it states:

HR has taken notice: Why not apply design thinking to improve the employee experience with the same care given to delight customers?

…giving some guiding questions to help think like a designer:

  • What do employees experience on their journey from getting hired to leaving the company?
  • What does a great employee experience look like end to end?
  • How can HR help build human centered design principles throughout the organization?

Or, more inspirational, 10 TEDTalks That Will Help You Create the Ultimate Employee Experience.


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