Game changing – new rules for the digital age 


The game has changed, and so have the rules.

2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends identify 10 HR trends:

  • The organization of the future: arriving now -> shift from designing to actively building, agility plays central role 
  • Careers and learning: real time, all the time -> always-on learning experience 
  • Talent acquisition: enter the cognitive recruiter -> third most michelsen challenge companies face
  • The employee experience: culture, engagement and beyond -> employee journeys, using net promoter scores, workplace redesign
  • Performance Management: play a winning hand -> deploy new models and approaches
  • Leadership distrupted: pushing the boundaries -> more agile, diverse, and younger leaders, leadership models that cover the “digital way”
  • Digital HR: platforms, people, and work -> going beyond digitizing HR platforms to developing digital workplaces and workforces
  • People analytics: recalculating the route -> business discipline, readiness to capitalize remains a challenge
  • Diversity and inclusion: the reality gap -> new focus, still frustrating and challenging
  • The future of work: the augmented workforce -> gig economy, new way of thinking about workforce planning

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