#ChooseToChallenge – International Women’s Day 2021

Happy #IWD2021!

I’m proud to support International Women’s Day 2021! Let’s all #ChooseToChallenge and break down barriers to gender equality together.

For sure, diversity is broader than the question of gender. The full diversity of ideas, thoughts, perspectives, experiences, skills, origins & personal backgrounds is needed to successfully tackle the complexity of our changing world.

Let’s acknowledge achievements, but foremost let’s keep on challenging progress as there still is a way to go: The future is (also female, but above all) #diverse!

International Women’s Day 2021:

A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let’s all choose to challenge.

How will you help forge a gender equal world? Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.

Please check out other publications on this subject.

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