Artificial Intelligence – my friend, the bot 


According to Deloitte Can robots replace HR we are already in the middle of a major change:

The future is fast approaching, and a new era of digital innovation and disruption is here. Or, more accurately, according to Josh Bersin, “The future of work is already here.”

So yes, the robots are coming. These robots aren’t physical machines; they’re software “bots” installed on desktop computers or in the cloud that can be configured to automate increasingly complex tasks, such as moving, manipulating, and validating data.

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Changing working world – diverse and different


Three aspects on our (changing) working world I raised within a recent panel discussion:

1) A diverse & inclusive culture is a competitive advantage – Make diversity & inclusion part of your business strategy.

Diversity is broader than promoting women in leadership. It´s about a diverse & inclusive company culture.

  • Diversity is key. It fosters different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. These are needed to tackle todays challenges, come up with different solutions and develop innovations.
  • Inclusion makes the difference. For all to feel part and be accepted irregardless of sex, religion, nationality.

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Change – a never ending story

Close-up of a page of a book with the word change in bold

„Change is here to stay“. Das wird auch in diesem Jahr so bleiben wie es war. Nur irgendwie auch anders werden.

So fragt die Wirtschaftswoche jüngst in einem Artikel:

Wo so viel Theorie und so viele Erfahrungen so wenig positive Auswirkung auf die Unternehmenspraxis zeigen, muss man fragen: Sind Führungskräfte und/oder Mitarbeiter einfach nicht erfolgreich durch den Change-Prozess zu steuern? Haben wir einfach immer Angst vor Veränderung?

Das Managen von Change ist eine „moderne Kunst“ – dem Begriff selber liegt der  Trugschluss inne, Change sei „managebar“:

Der Plan ersetzt Unsicherheit durch Irrtum (H.v.Förster).

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