Talent(s) in a changing world – in search of a holistic experience

With HR Transformation being on everybody’s current agenda, what do you see as the biggest challenges but also trends in HR and Talent Development?

Times are changing. There are a variety of drivers coming together to create change in the talent landscape as well as requiring to redesign organisations:

  1. Transformational changes (e.g. move to knowledge based & service economies, evolving from ‚transaction to interaction‘)
  2. Pace of change (e.g. digital technology changing the workplace and disrupting business models)
  3. Globalisation & Mobility (e.g. global labor competition and global workforce)
  4. Demographic trends & Diversity (e.g. increasing longevity, declining birthrates, workforce both younger and older, different working models such as contract and part-time workers, new social contracts)

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